ADHD Baseline learning Assessment

Why do an individual learning Assessment For Symptoms of ADHD, Dyslexia

Statistics tell us that 2/3 of children above the 3rd grade aren’t reading at their grade level.

So frustrated parents bring their adhd child to us after trying to fix ashd symptoms of bad behavior, impulse control, emotional control,and attention. some have other issues like inability to read, spell, handle math, or some co-exciting issues like dyslexia.

And we see a lot of kids behind 2 or more years to the classmates.

Some parents have had their child tested already, but only got a label and medication that they don’t want to put their child on for life and are looking of a better way to help them.

School system like to give accommodations for most adhd children but is that really the goal is it?

Is that really helping them be prepared for the job market or just a way to get them through the school year.

Many kids struggle in spelling, reading, and math, with and without ADHD it still breaks their self-esteem.

Baseline learning assessment for individuals wanting to find answers for adhd, dyslexia and other mental health issues.

learn what’s holding them back, starts with knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

Because weak Cognitive skill are the cases of 80% of issues individuals have in school.

We’ll check their Reading, Spelling and Math grade levels performance.

Do you think your child’s smart but underperforming in class?

Is the schools answer to their issues to put them on medications?

We want to understand why your smart child cannot perform in certain class areas after instructions and practice.

Our Baseline Assessment  is designed to search out and quantify any underlying symptoms. (Please check out the symptoms list below) 

Maybe your child has already been diagnosed ADHD, Dyslexia, slow processing speed or behavioral issue, we can help still help.  

There are 8 separate and distinct intelligences.

In each individual some will be more developed than others.

Brain trauma and stroke victims often lose one or more intelligence while the rest remain completely intact.


Multiple  Intelligences


1. Logical Mathematical: Also includes abstract Thinking and pattern recognition.

2. Spatial: ability to visualize a 2 dimensional plane in3 dimensions  


Body – Kinesthetic: moving our bodies and manipulating object with our body

Musical: understanding sounds , tones and rhythms

6.  interpersonal: Empathy,  intuitive understanding  of the feelings of others

7. Intrapersonal : Understanding our own strengths, weakness and motives

8. Naturalistic: Attuned to natural. The green thumb ability



The brain was believed to be hard wired much like the electrical circuits in you home. We now know this is not true. The brain has the ability to change its circuitry on its own.  This ability is one of the key reasons we can increase our intelligence  at any stage of life.

Neurons & Brain Speed

The second key component to increased brain speed and intelligence are neurons the more the better We have approximately 100 billion neurons but we lose 70 to 90 thousand a day. We grow new neurons every day but not enough to counter the loss.


Neurogenesis the growth of new neurons, so do something to stimulate your brain today!

He has improved so much in focus/attention, coordination and writing. I love that the program not only gave my son much needed skills, but also strategies to help deal with the big emotions that come with years of not being able to do what the other kids find easy.”
— Libby D

Find out what’s stopping you from turning learning into Knowledge

The  Baseline Assessment focuses on Cognitive Skills Processes Critical transforming new information into knowledge. When one or more of these processes is not functioning correctly. Some of the symptoms  list below might be showing up and affecting your individuals ability to turn learning into knowledge.  

1.     Difficulty staying on task, poor eye control, poor handwriting, and focusing 

2.     Poor comprehension and/or decoding skills, difficulty remembering concepts from day to day,and right left brain function

3.     Lack of fluency in physical and mental activities, motor match

4.     Poor spelling, decoding, comprehension, poor visual memory, poor working memory.

5.     Difficulty with fluency, skipping words or lines, tracking information.

6.     Easily distracted, responds to all stimuli within the surrounding environment, adhd symptoms.

7.     Letter or word reversals, problems identifying left and right, difficulty with a sequence of instructions, dyslexia symptoms.

8.     Difficulty with coordination and social skills; easily lost or disoriented in unfamiliar settings, difficulty maintaining relationships

9.     Poor sense of timing; difficulty with the time component of task management; misinterpretation of the importance of situations can under react or overreact, processing misinformation, a turn understanding of wants important to do in the moment.

10.  Low comprehension, difficulty understanding math concepts, pattern recognition, understanding cause and effect

Assessment Session are scheduled for 2 hours, the assessment itself takes 35 to 45 minutes. Give us time to review the results.

Baseline Learning Assessment cost is: $250.00

We love to help the 80% of individual struggling with cognitive skills in school and life….

These numbers only tell a small part of the struggles going on in today world.

One in five children struggle with learning in a traditional setting.
• One in ten children children have some form of ADHD symptoms.
• Also one in five children have coexisting symptoms - Dyslexia, OCD, ODD.

Turn Learning into Knowledge!