One of the very best things we’ve learned about the brain is that it is constantly remolding itself throughout our lives.

In fact, until the day we die, our brains are learning and changing.

That means that just because you are an adult and you are done growing physically, it’s never too late to help your brain and its abilities grow.

Pheno Brain Training Student Learning Programs

We all have strengths and weaknesses.

As we grow up, we learn to compensate for our weaknesses and hide them from others.

But, wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of those weaknesses instead of coping with them?

Our program can help you do that.

The ADHD Learning Pathways Three Step Learning Process

1. Determine the student’s ability to learn.

2. Evaluate the student on ten key neurological processes that are critical to learning, determining their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Customize a Coaching plan with at-home exercises to help retrain the brain’s learning process.

Do you live in the Kansas City Metro area?  Great we offer a free evaluation for children ages 7 and up, you can click the link below to schedule online or call George Hersh 913-608-9343

 Full-time adult or child Learning program

You or your child work with a ADHD Learning Pathways Instructor at the ADHD Learning Pathways facility in 45-minute sessions, three or four days a week for 26 weeks about 80 sessions.

Family Learning Program

ADHD Learning Pathways Instructor will meet for one session a week at our office with the parent and student for 26 sessions.  In addition, the parent will be given tools and exercises to perform five days a week at home.  We provide you with all of the material you need and it is yours to keep.   This is a cost-saving option.  If you have other children or members of the family with ADD or ADHD, they can use the program at no additional cost.  


Our Program


Our program is a program which has been designed to teach the process of effective taking in and responding to information. With this process in place one can begin to accumulate accurate, useful knowledge, which is the product of schooling and life experiences.

The learning Process

To understand this process one must understand the basic mechanics of our nervous/neurological system.

We take in information through our sense. This information is converted into electronic impulses and fed through our nervous system to our brain.

These impulses may arrive in our brain from numerous senses simultaneously. They come to our mind in bits and pieces of a puzzle.

Our mind, with, with mental skills, assemble the pieces and develops for us a perception which we use to respond is appropriate.

If our mental skills are under-developed, the perception is fuzzy and inaccurate and our response is usually inappropriate.

Management Tools

The structure of the ADHD Learning Pathways program provides a framework within behavior modification can be taught using these Management tools.

Significant teaching moments occur during which the application of these concepts can be extremely effective.

As time passes, the use of these concepts will begin to spill out of the sessions and into the students broader life.  


A person who has been struggling for some time will have low self- esteem.

He will have an ‘I can’t” attitude.

This self-concept must be turned around to an ‘I can” attitude.

The instructor must act as a cheerleader. Each session must end with the successful attaining of a predetermined goal.

This may take 15 minutes or an hour and 15 minutes.

A session must never end with “ Let try it again tomorrow,” but rather “You got it!! I knew you could!” The accumulative effect of this type of positive reinforcement is astounding.

This is why so much can be accomplished in such a short period of time.

This is also why the program is challenging and sometimes frustrating for all involved. You will find that success and effort expended, have a direct correlation.

When two people spend over one hundred hours working together to improve one’s abilities, a special bond is built.

This comes from the student’s realization that the trainer (usually a parent, grandparent or mate) loves them and is dedicated to their betterment.

The type of bond that is created by struggling to succeed lasts a lifetime.

The student is the last person, however, to detect change.

Others usually observe it within a few weeks.

The student may not see significant changes for several months.

This occurs because he still responds to his perception as always.

Changes in perceptions are slow and come in small increments making personal detection difficult, but as gains expand, changes become more apparent.

The mind is a very efficient filling system. It files input information whether it is understood and useful or not.

All of us have observed something that, at the time, made no sense and made us wonder why.

Then at some later time, a second observation was made and suddenly the reason why became apparent.

People who have completed this program will frequently experience this phenomenon.

Much of the information input from school or life will have made no sense but will have been filed away nevertheless.

The program will heighten skills, and nonsense will begin to make sense. The time spent in a learning environment that previously seemed a waste of time will produce valuable information.

This process tends to continue for months after program completion.

Our program will also develop a structure for further informational input.

This structure is the framework within which all types of information can be placed, from the capitals of South American countries to complex chemical formulas.

Thus developed, The process facilitates input and heightens response for more efficient learning in the future.

Our program covers a broad range of disciplines.

Many noted people have devoted a lifetime to study of subjects included here.

Our goal has been to provide an extensive overview of the interaction of these disciplines in theory as well as practical application.

The combined dedication of the instructor, trainer and student are the driving force that fuels the magic of this program.

These people are the artisans who sculpt the final result. They cannot perform independently of each other nut must work in concert. It is not in common for all three to be significantly affected by such a process.

Turn Learning Into Knowledge