Executive Function and Cognitive Skills Online Course for your Child

Children Brain Training

Many parents seek to tutor their children when they need help in school.

Traditional tutoring involves someone working with a child to help them take in information and remember it.

While this is helpful, it must be repeated with every subject (math, reading, spelling, etc.) as each subject involves new and different information.

Do you have a  child in kindergartner, 1st or 2nd grade that had a teacher last year telling you she thinks your child might have ADHD?  You don't like thinking of putting your child on medications at this early of an age.

If they are struggling in these lower grades, I can tell you 3 rd is when it starts to get hard for some children that might have learning issues. 

Are you a parent looking for a different approach?   If so you'll want to take a look at our online course by clicking the link below.  

At Pheno Brain Training, our online courses ADHD Managed offers a revolution in mentoring your child by building Executive Function & cognitive skill that might be missing. Exercises and activities that help fill in the missing pieces in a child early development years.

Parents that want to take a proactive approach with their young child that might be struggling in school.  

Basic Cognitive Skill Improvement For Ages 4, 5 and 6

You and your child will work online through our training site with  Pheno Brain Training Instruction manual with 55 plus exercise, all need material will be sent to free shipping. You work with your child for 15 to 20-minute sessions, three or four days a week for 10 to 12 weeks. The course is very affordable as it is less than the cost of one-on-one training session with us.  Again we provide you with all of the material you need free shipping. It's ok if it takes longer you'll have access to the training site for one year at no additional cost.