How is ADHD Learning Pathways different from other tutoring or brain training programs!

Learning Difficulties FAQ

Pheno Brain Training Tutoring

We are much more than tutors! 

We are proud to offer a variety of programs and trainings that help children and adults of all ages, regardless of where they are at educationally, reach their learning potential by retraining the way their brain captures and transforms information into knowledge.
The difference is in our unique personal trainer approach.

The face-to-face nature of the training relationship allows us to focus on three critical things:

  • Results - we customize each training session and encourage clients to work past their comfort levels.

  • Attitude – we challenge our clients to recognize and pursue their potential and help them understand failure is not something to be avoided at all costs, but is a temporary stepping stone to greater success.

  • Confidence - we encourage struggling children and adults to engage, embrace challenges, recognize improvements, and celebrate gains.

Do you live in the Kansas City Metro area? 

Great we offer a $250.00 Baseline Learning Assessment for children ages 7 and up, you can click the link below to schedule online or call George Hersh 913-608-9343

What is the difference between brain training and tutoring?

Pheno Brain Training versus tutoring

While both are effective, brain training and tutoring are actually different solutions to different problems.

From kindergarten through grad school, students typically struggle because of one of two problems:

  1. New information wasn’t grasped because it was presented poorly (or missed entirely)

  2. Weak cognitive skills are making it hard to grasp new information (even when it is presented well)

Traditional tutoring works on the first problem.

ADHD Learning Pathwaysprograms work on the second!

There are definitely times to hire a tutor. For example, when you or your child didn’t learn content because of missed classes or momentary distractions. 

There are also times to hire a one-on-one brain trainer.

For example,

1. If your child is struggling in school in general.

2. If your child is struggling in more than one class.

3.  If your child is struggling over the course of several school years

 Help from a brain training can make a real difference.

This is because brain training targets the cognitive weaknesses that are keeping your child from repeatedly grasping new information when it’s presented in class.

We can help with both.

Will my child outgrow his or her learning struggle? 

Not necessarily.

Children and teens (and even adults) who struggle do so for a reason, and the reason may be weak cognitive skills.

As your child is maturing, weak cognitive skills may not catch up (which is why adults can struggle with weak cognitive skills, too).

Perhaps a better question is, while your child is struggling, how are those struggles impacting his or her self-image?

Confidence? Love of learning?

Whatever stage of education or life you or your child are in, it’s never too soon (or too late) to take action to work on weak cognitive skills.

What causes reading struggles?

Pheno Brain Training Learning Difficulties

Most reading struggles are due to a weakness in auditory processing.

This is the cognitive skill that allows us to identify, segment, and blend sounds.


But other weak skills can interfere with reading, too.

For example, poor attention skills can mean a reader is frequently distracted, poor memory skills can interfere with recall, and poor visual processing skills can keep a reader from creating the mental pictures that help them comprehend and engage with what they just read.

ADHD Learning Pathways programs work on each of these weaknesses.

Is brain training just for students?

Not at all. Because cognitive weaknesses are not necessarily strengthened by time, children who struggle with reading, learning, reasoning, remembering, or paying attention often grow into adults with the same struggles.

We work with professionals to help them reach their potential in their career as well. 

Check out our professional development section of our website – we proudly serve adults of all ages.

From the college enrolled, to seasoned business professionals to seniors wanting to keep their brain active with fun exercises.

I don’t want to put my child on ADD or ADHD medication.  Can you help?

Pheno Brain Training ADD ADHD Medication

Medication is one of the most popular ways to treat ADHD.

Unfortunately, medication comes with unwanted side effects. Lethargy, weight loss, “crashing” in the middle of the afternoon, mood swings, etc.


If you’re tired of your child being medicated for their ADHD, you will be especially happy to know that a majority of the children in our program go off their medication by the completion of our program.

That’s a huge relief for a lot of the parents we see.

Do you take insurance?

We are a private pay company. We do accept credit cards through PayPal and offer a payment plan over the enrollment term. 

Does the ADHD Learning Pathways program really work and is it worth the cost?

Pheno Brain Training Money Back Guarantee

We hear it all the time about how difficult it has been to find a solution to their child's learning problems, Parent that have enrolled their child in many tutoring programs that didn't solve their child's issues. 



The success you've been looking for happens in our program, so there’s no reason not to call the risk is on us. 

Give them a gift that lasts a lifetime.

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