Difficulty Concentrating? We can help!

Have you ever noticed someone whose eyes seem to shoot all over the place when they are talking to you? Most people attribute this to a lack of focus, but what the actual culprit is are weak eye muscles. Even more interesting is that most people who have weak eye muscles are completely unaware that their eyes are shooting all over the place.

One of the first major tasks we work on in our program is a student’s ability to control their eyes. Time and time again, we see students who struggle to keep their eyes focused on a specific point. Having weak eye muscles can cause problems with reading comprehension, tracking, and difficulty concentrating. Also, it can enable a child to become more easily distracted. This weakness can cause so many problems regardless of children’s learning styles, but can be easily improved in our program.

We will begin by doing simple exercises with our students, such as holding two pencils six inches away from the student’s face that are approximately twelve inches apart. We simply have the student switch their focus from one pencil to the other as many times as possible within ten seconds. Most students with a learning difficulty will over/under shoot the pencils or their eyes may dip downwards.

Checking your child’s eyes with this exercise can be a simple ADHD or Dyslexia test.
Just imagine how difficult it is for a child to track line by line reading with weak eye muscles! No wonder a student can be easily distracted and have difficulty concentrating… they’re not able to keep their eyes focused on one line at a time!

Similar to working out in the gym to build muscles, the brain and eyes work in the same manner. Once we build strength in the eyes, it is amazing how the mind follows the same pattern and both continue to improve throughout the program. Once these muscles are strengthened, success in school and all areas of learning in life are vastly improved because they are no longer as easily distracted or have as much difficulty concentrating.

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Everyone has different learning styles. Most having a learning style preference in: audio, visual, or having to physically interact. Regardless of learning style, the brain needs to be exercised and strengthened regularly to achieve academic success.

One of the amazing things about our program is that even though it is only six months long, you will see great success during that time. Research has shown an increase in processing skills and academic success years after completion of our program. This means we are basically laying a foundation of learning that will continue to improve throughout life.

Another way to look at the gym analogy is that some people are born with stronger muscles, but that doesn’t mean anyone born with weaker muscles can’t devote time and energy to become just as strong. With the right exercise plan and diet, people can become as strong as they want to be.

The brain works the same way. Some people are born with a lot of intelligence and seem to have all the right neuron connections firing in their brain making school and learning very easy. Then there are people who have learning difficulties. Just because school and learning have been difficult in the past does not mean that with the right tutor and training they too can’t achieve just as much success in learning.

Also, just how most people aren’t born with superior strength; most people aren’t born a genius. In reality, most people have some sort of learning difficulty. And as I mentioned earlier, in no way does that mean they are not capable of becoming just as intelligent and just as successful.

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