How to Concentrate to Help Improve Your Child’s Grades

Do you believe your child has difficulty concentrating or maybe has some type of learning problem? Is your goal to get your child labeled ADHD, ADD, Dyslexic or Autistic and to be medicated for the rest of their life? Do you really believe that any school has a system in place that can help your child after they are labeled? When looking for a program, do you ask yourself “can it solve my child’s difficulty concentrating permanently, naturally, and without using medications?”

As a learning consultant in the Kansas City area, I have parents calling and telling me how smart their child is when they have a conversation. But when it comes to school work, they fall short. They think their child has difficulty concentrating and the school system is not helping. Education systems are based on a strategy of repetition and emotional-involvement conscious learning.

"How can we improve concentration to improve your child’s grades?" is a very real question you may ask. But, first you have to look at their subconscious mind.
  • Scientists compare the brain to a computer, telling us the conscious mind operates at 2,000 bits of data per second
  • Some say the subconscious mind operates at 20 to 50 million bits of data per second.
  • Some reports are starting to say that the subconscious mind is operating in the billions of bits of data per second
Of course, you are not conscious of all the information you are taking in as you go through your day. Each part of the brain needs strong connections to operate effectively. With strong connections comes smooth operation in any system.
Do you know the movie Tron? The one where the guy goes inside a computer and sees all the systems he designed...

So let’s think of your child’s brain as a computer. The brain is the computer’s hardware with trillions of circuits connecting all the processors (with more circuits than any super computer ever made). Your brain’s operating system is the subconscious mind with a sub operating system called the conscious mind. We know now which one is moving more information around in our brains. We know which one operates slower and we only think about controlling the conscious mind.

What if your computer had some bad circuits or connections, causing the system processors to not operate properly?
What happens if one or more of those processors never got connected right? It’s not getting the same information as the other processors are getting.

The result is that your child’s brain can’t take in information properly and falls behind, loses information, and makes it unusable to the conscious mind; therefore, making it very difficult to concentrate.

If your child has processing problems because of weak neural connections in their brain, they may get labeled as a slow learner or even worse… ADHD, ADD, Dyslexic or Autistic. By evaluating and assessing the subconscious and conscious mind, we start to see the personal strengths and weaknesses of their brain.

Your child’s subconscious is just trying to gain your love and approval, it doesn’t know positive or negative. As schoolwork becomes harder for them, they see the look of disappointment on your face and it hurts your child deeply creating low self-esteem.

Even though you want results, chances are you have been teaching your child the way your parents taught you. Or you have read a new strategy book for ADHD or Dyslexia on how to better improve concentration. Or you have tried traditional tutoring services. Again, these strategies are based on repetition and emotional involvement. But your child is not improving because these strategies don’t fix the real problem. Or you’re just putting a Band-Aid on the problem with medication.  

So your child will rarely explore new territory if there is potential to become embarrassed, hurt, or punished. If your child feels they will fail, resistance goes up and the ability to get them to “try it” becomes a parental power struggle. The pressure children feel to be perfect for their parents has become a large factor in their mind. This feeling creates most of the depression and anxiety in the lives of many children these days. There is a real feeling of disconnect for children and adults who have learning problems and it can really harm relationships within a family unit.

Building new neural connections or connecting the circuits allowing the information to flow, helps speed up the core-processors and can improve concentration. By using a strategy of training the subconscious brain:
  • the student can start to learn faster
  • the student understands what to concentrate on
  • learning becomes fun
  • true passions can be fostered over time
  • learning speed is increased
Their brain is taking in information while working at a more normal speed and they’re now feeling “normal”, as they see things for what they really are.

Twenty-four years ago, I was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 30. I wanted help and needed to find a solution to improve my spelling and writing abilities. I did every tutoring and learning program the experts and learning consultants told me would work. But they didn’t.

I feel very blessed to have found the Learning Technic program in 1997 because it changed my life. After finishing the program, I always wanted to open an office to help others like myself. Two years ago, I went through the training to be licensed to teach the Learning Technic program. And one year ago, I started a company called Pheno Brian Training and opened an office in Overland Park, KS.

Please check out our website. It is very rewarding and has been so much fun watching our students get results in this first year of business. I leave you with this thought… every human can improve their life, if they make a choice to never give up on themselves and hope for something better.
My Best,

George Hersh

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