Tips for Combatting Impulse Control Issues at Home and School

Many children who suffer from ADD, ADHD, and other learning disorders struggle with self control. Lower levels of dopamine in the brain may be responsible. They tend to respond immediately to environmental stimuli. They often seem to act or talk before thinking but may not realize their behavior is disruptive to others.


There are some things you can do to help your child in school and at home. Here are some solutions from the specialists at PhenoBrain Training you can try.


Things to Try at Home

Be Specific in Your Instructions - Discipline can be tricky because many children with ADHD have a hard time telling right from wrong. If you aren’t specific in your instructions, they may not get a clear idea of which behavior is okay and which is not. Asking your child to “behave” is open for interpretation. Saying, “Don’t touch anything on the shelves” when shopping at a store is clearer and more likely to be understood.

Make Punishment Swift - When punishing your child, make sure the punishment follows the bad behavior quickly. If you wait too long, they may not associate the punishment with the crime.

Don’t Forget Positive Reinforcement - Have a consequence for bad behaviors, but also respond to good behaviors with praise.


Things to Try in the Classroom

Use Visual Reminders - Visual reminders let kids know what’s expected of them. Posting classroom rules is a simple way to remind them each time they see them.

Post the Day’s Schedule on the Blackboard - Letting kids know what to expect will help them mentally prepare and will reduce meltdowns due to sudden transitions. Erasing the tasks as they have accomplished them will also help the kids feel like they have some control over their activities.

Make Reminders Unavoidable - Tape behavior cards to the top of their desks so they can’t forget simple rules like Stay in your seat. Raise your hand before talking. Don’t kick the desk in front of you., etc.

Make Transitions Less Sudden - When changing activities, give the class a five-minute warning followed by a two minute warning to give them time to mentally switch from one task to another.


Come in for a Free Learning Assessment



If your child suffers from impulse control issues, Pheno Brain Training may be able to help. At Pheno, we offer a freelearning assessment. Unlike traditional tutoring or learning therapy programs, our program doesn’t just help your child learn more information, it actually teaches the brain HOW to learn. This therapy rewires the brain and has lasting, permanent effects.


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