When One Mom Said No to ADD Medication

When, Tina, noticed her son was struggling in school, he was in the third grade. “I noticed  he was coming home unhappy,” she remembers. She had noticed some focus issues from Kindergarten through second grade along with homework being a nightly battle.  But by third grade, Matt started to notice that he wasn’t getting his work done as quickly as his classmates and as a result, he started to lose his confidence. His mother suspected Matt might have dyslexia, but he was never diagnosed by a doctor.   

By fourth grade, Matt started to hate school. “He didn’t want to get up in the morning, butted heads with his teacher, and did not always participate in class,” his mother explained. “After Christmas break, Matt just shut down.” They muddled through the rest of the year. That summer,  Matt’s mom took him to a doctor to see if he suffered from ADD. The doctor recommended medication.  “I just didn’t feel like medicine was the way to go, Tina shared, “I just wasn’t ready to give into that yet. We decided to wait to see what Matt’s fifth grade teacher’s opinion was.” They worked with the counselor and his teacher. His teacher said she saw a typical 5th grade boy.  Matt liked fifth grade and did better than in fourth grade.  He liked sixth grade even better but continued to struggle. Tina states "It was at this point he started having trouble keeping up with his schoolwork.  Many times he would get the work done, but simply forget to turn it in or not be able to find it to turn in because he was so disorganized.  We were spending weekends helping him with schoolwork."

“We were at our wits end,” She had seen some ads on Facebook about Pheno Brain Training, but was skeptical. After watching the  PBS video, having a free evaluation done by Pheno Brain Training, speaking with two other moms whose kids were in the program and were very happy with the results they were seeing, she decided it was worth a try. I felt like I had three choices - medication, Pheno Brain Training, or essential oils, which she was using to help Matt with focus.  Pheno Brain Training seemed like best long-term solution.

So, in November of 2014, they signed Matt up at Pheno Brain Training. “Matt kept telling me, ‘This is a waste of money - a waste of time,’” Tina shared. “At first, he really didn’t like it or think it was helping him. Then, during week 20 in the program, we noticed a big change in Matt.  He was getting his confidence back and he had a much better attitude. ” Tina says, “I think the two biggest changes in me are confidence and being much more social - definitely more talkative.” Matt added, “My confidence skyrocketed. When I started 7th grade, I was more open to helping others.”  

Matt graduated from the program in September of this year and now he enjoys school. In fact, Matt is extremely proud of winning an award at his school. The award is for kindness, respect, and responsibility. Matt was one of the first students this year to receive this award at his school and he was very proud of that.

Matt has a Structural Engineering class and uses this analogy to explain what Pheno Brain Training does.“It made school easier. Think of this program as construction. If you just took an area and built something it would fall down because it didn’t have support. This is not teaching you the information, it’s giving you support so that when you are taught, the building doesn’t crash. It gives you a foundation.” Matt also shared that the program helped him with prioritizing, concentration, and stress management.

When asked what advice she had for other parents struggling with their child’s troubles with school, Tina said, “Work with Pheno Brain Training and stick with it. I had my reservations but after week 20 they were gone." My son is now in seventh  grade  getting his work done and turned in.  Homework is now no big deal. He gets the majority of it done in school.  Now I get emails from teachers saying how much they enjoy him and he participates in class. I don’t think his teachers from last year would recognize the student he is now.” George Hersh, owner and founder of Pheno Brain Training, says, “It happens at a different time with every student. It doesn’t seem like anything is changing and then, just like flipping a switch, the lightbulb comes on.”

Matt’s mom says, “He’s much more patient with his younger brother.” They ­­are so happy with the progress Matt has made with the program, they are doing the program with  their younger son, Caleb, at home. “Caleb does very well in school,” Tina explains, “but he overreacts to things and gets  impatient. He does things without thinking about what might happen.  I think the program will help him in those areas.” Size is one of the

ten corelearning processes

that the program focuses on. It is responsible for poor sense of timing; difficulty with the time component of task management; misinterpretation of the importance of situations (can underreact or overreact). “Both of my boys were low in ‘size’ but it presents itself differently in each child.”

What’s the best thing about completing the Pheno Brain Training program? “I just see a happier more successful kid, and that was a huge thing!” Tina said.   

For more information on Pheno Brain Training and to schedule an assessment, call (913) 608-9343.

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