Stop! 3 Things to Ask Yourself before Hiring a Tutor for Your Child

So your child is struggling in school. You know she’s bright, but maybe she suffers from focus issues. Maybe she has trouble with math. Perhaps reading is where she feels insecure and anxious. Your first thought is she just needs a tutor. But sometimes a tutor is only a Bandaid on a bigger problem. How is a parent to know? Here are three questions that Pheno Brain Training recommends you ask yourself if you are thinking of hiring a tutor.


1.   Does Your Child Seem Extremely Bright in Some Areas but Struggles in Others?

This is usually the first thing we hear from parents whose kids are struggling in school. She’s definitely a bright child. We can see that in her speech, her interactions and her personality every day. Why is she struggling in school? What we have learned through our program is that many bright kids have plenty of intelligence. It’s just the way their brain processes information that makes it challenging to learn.


2.   Is Your Child Struggling in More Than One Subject?

Usually a tutor can help a child who is struggling in one subject. That’s what a tutor does. They gather the information the child has to learn and help them remember it through repetition and focus. This works fine if your child just needs to catch up on one particular subject that they fell behind in. But if your child has signs of other issues such as slipping grades in more than one class, poor time management skills, general confusion about assignments, and a lack of confidence, the problem is likely broader.


3.   Does Your Child Need Continued Tutoring to Remain Successful?

Many children, once taught some tips, tricks, and good learning habits, can take that information and self-regulate. They can use the techniques they learned from the tutor and apply those independently. Traditional tutoring focuses on the topic. Once the child has mastered that topic, they will move on to the next level and may need continued tutoring to show continued performance. If your child seems to struggle in the subject every semester or year without the help of a tutor, he or she may need a better solution.


A New Kind of Tutoring Program with Permanent Results

While tutoring is very helpful for many children, it can also keep them from getting the help they really need. The problem is that tutoring trains your brain what to learn. The  teaches your brain how to learn. This therapy program is revolutionizing the tutoring industry. It not only rewires the brain to learn better, it has lasting, permanent effects. We use neurotherapy, or brain training, to “reprogram” the child’s neurological processing skills. With neurotherapy, each child can "learn" to be successful in any standard classroom and with any learning style. Once they have finished the course, they don’t have to keep coming back for tutoring help with different topics. Their brain is improved permanently and they will be able to use those learning skills for the rest of their life.


Our Learning Program Is Revolutionary

The Pheno Brain Training founder, George Hersh, struggled with dyslexia his whole life. He tried everything from classes and books to tutoring and therapy. When he discovered this program, it changed his life. He is dedicated to helping others who suffer from learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and more. 



For more information on our Program at Pheno Brain Training, give us a call at (913) 608-9343


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