When His IEP Failed to Improve His Grades, Our Program Succeeded

At Pheno Brain Training, we love seeing the difference our program makes in the lives of our students. While better grades in school is the “hard” benefit they receive, we see huge changes in their personalities. They come out of their shells, their confidence soars, they are able to go off of medication they were dependent on before. Their entire attitude on life changes. Of course, we could talk till we’re blue in the face about all of the benefits of our brain training program, but we thought this story about Alex*, one of our students, might be a better way to tell you about it.


Where IEPs Failed, Brain Training Succeeded

Alex* was a freshman in high school when he started the program through Pheno Brain Training in 2014. He was depressed and suffered from anxiety. He had an IEP, but his grades and behavior weren’t improving. His mother said he was unorganized, unfocused, and had trouble turning in assignments even after he’d completed them. She was very frustrated. Alex started the program and not only did his grades improve, but his teachers noticed a difference in his behavior. His mother said, “The usual negative observations about my son had changed to markedly improved by all his teachers as the year progressed.”


Our Program Reduces the Need for Medication

As is pretty typical with students in our program, Alex was also able to stop taking his anti-depression and ADD medicine. His mother is confident that he won’t need it in the future telling us, “Alex has also been off his anti-depressant and Vyvance since he started the program and I’m certain he’s not going to be on it ever again!”


Self Confidence Isn’t Taught, It’s Gained through Continual Accomplishments

“I know he has more academic esteem and confidence and is challenging himself by selecting some classes next year that he knows will be a challenge and he will have to work to keep up,” his mother shared. “He is not taking the ‘easy road’ as he usually did in the past and he does not become self-defeated when his grades slip...he simply takes initiative to do what he needs to do to fix it.” Today, Alex’s plans for the future include going to college and majoring in business. 

If your child is struggling, don’t get them another tutor, get them the help they need. Our program isn’t a tutoring program that teaches your brain what to learn. It is a revolutionary program that actually teaches your brain how to learn. Unlike tutoring, the results are permanent.


If you’d like to learn more about our program or schedule an assessment, call George at (913) 608-9343.


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