A Breakthrough Program Pinpoints Problem Areas in Your Brain and Works Specifically on Them

There are very few people who are good at everything. Sure, they may seem to be, but if you asked them, they’d likely list a myriad of areas where they feel they lack confidence. Some people are great at language but stink at math. Others are directionally challenged. Some can speak confidently to a crowd, but get nervous in one-on-one situations. Every day, different people are challenged differently by things they just don’t do as well as other around them. And usually, our greatest fear is that others will find out and we will feel inferior.


Your Brain Can Be Trained

The reason we are all different, is because we are unique individuals born with specific gifts and shortcomings. The secret is constantly improving ourselves. The good news is that your amazing brain is capable of learning and overcoming these shortcomings. Yes, overcoming them. At Pheno Brain Training, our job is to discover the areas where you need help and get you the specific help you need. 


How Our Program Works

We assess the person to determine their strengths and weaknesses for ten core learning processes.

  1. Focus - Difficulty staying on task, poor eye control, poor handwriting.

  2. Cross Pattern - Poor comprehension and/or decoding skills, difficulty remembering concepts from day to day

  3. Motor Match - Lack of fluency in physical and mental activities

  4. Mental Picture/Visual Memory - Poor spelling, decoding, comprehension, poor visual memory

  5. Tracking - Difficulty with fluency, skipping words or lines

  6. Figure Ground - Easily distracted, responds to all stimuli within the surrounding environment

  7. Directional Discrimination - Letter or word reversals, problems identifying left and right, difficulty with a sequence of instructions

  8. Position in Space - Difficulty with coordination and social skills; easily lost or disoriented in unfamiliar settings

  9. Size - Poor sense of timing; difficulty with the time component of task management; misinterpretation of the importance of situations (can underreact or overreact)

  10. Shape - Low comprehension, difficulty understanding math concepts


Once we determine where the weak areas are, we can focus our training on improving these areas. We use a therapy (a combination of physical and mental exercises) to "reprogram" the neurological processing skills. New connections are formed, synapses fire differently, and before you know it, your brain is growing and learning new things. 


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