End of School Year, End of ADHD Medications?

Kids all over the metro are celebrating the end of the school year.  No more school.  No more books.  No more ADHD/ADD medications?

It is amazing how many children and adults, alike, are diagnosed with ADHD/ADD and how many are given prescription medications to help ‘keep them focused’ or ‘calm them down’.  But, is this the right tactic?

Many families, in a quest to save money and get their ‘real’ child back, make the decision to go off prescription medicines during the summer.  Why?  Because most kids and their parents don’t like the way the drugs make them feel.  But they stay on them during the school year to placate school administration.

The number one reason parents send their children to the doctor or specialist is because the child is having issues at school.  The problems aren’t necessarily academic, they could be due to sensory or impulse control issues.

We recently worked with a kid who was extremely bright with great athletic skills…as long as he was on medication.  When he was on his prescribed drugs, he was a straight A student.  However, when his parents took him off his meds, his impulse control, behavior, attention and ability to focus all dropped – impacting his school performance.

This young man had a great personality, fun and outgoing – as long as he wasn’t on his medications.  They felt they had no option but to keep him on prescriptions (for the school’s sake) until they heard of Pheno Brain Training from one student who had just finished our program.

We were honored that this young man’s parents trusted us to work with their son.  Since we are able to scale our work to adapt to anyone’s ability or background, we were able to work him and help him succeed.

This kid started the program in the summer and started his 8th grade year without taking his ADHD medications.  We were so happy to hear that he kept his straight-A average and became one of the top-performing students in his private school.

While we work hard to keep individuals off of medications, our programs help in other ways as well.  If you are or have an athlete in the family, our programs can help hone certain skills to improve their game. 

Athletes work hard to get and keep their body in shape.  But what about their mental game?  Training your muscles is great, but training your brain completes the athletic package.  What improves a person’s performance?  Training the subconscious to make better decisions faster through brain training.

We had a young baseball player come to us who was an okay pitcher. He came to us for one issue, but during our program, his parents, trainers and coaches started to see a major improvement in his pitching control. Our program helped him control his thoughts and impulse control which led to improved pitching talent   he was able to control his thought and impulse control started showing up in his pitching control.  What’s more?  He accomplished all of this WITHOUT medications.

If you or someone you know has questions or concerns about ADHD/ADD medications or would like to hear more about our programs that help individuals succeed without medications, contact us!  Visit our website

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