Keep Your Cool This Summer: Parents Need Breaks Too

Summer break may be fun for kids who started counting down the days in April to when they could chant, “No More School” and “No More Books.” However, this time of year can create additional stress for parents, especially if your child is hyperactive, impulsive or has frequent sensory meltdowns. As a parent you need to stay rested and refreshed.  Your health and mental wellness depend on it! How can you keep your cool?

  1. Schedule Time That Isn’t Scheduled - Between play dates, sleepovers, day camp or summer school, a child’s life can quickly become as regimented and scheduled as it was during the school year. Pick one or two days during the week where nothing is planned. This will help take some of the pressure off your child to stick to a schedule and enjoy some much needed down time.
  2. Boredom is Fine - When raising kids with ADHD, don’t feel the need to keep your child occupied every minute of the day in order to keep them happy. When a child says “I’m bored,” resist the urge to fill that gap with a crafty idea or experiment. Children will make remarkable use of unstructured time by using creative play and their imaginations. Rely on the words our parents used to tell us as kids: “Go outside and play!”
  3. Make Classroom Contacts - Has your child formed a friendship with a student in their classroom this year? Make contact with them, befriend the parents. Being able to continue this connection through the summer will help your child continue healthy social connections, and also give you a parenting break while the kids play.
  4. Mandatory Quiet Time - Work with your child to schedule a 30-minute or one-hour block of each day that will be designated “quiet time.” This is when everyone in the house will retreat to their rooms for a short period of quiet. You can even break this into smaller chunks more frequently throughout the day. These parenting breaks are a good chance for both kids and parents to rest, nap, read, or just zone out. Can’t get your child to settle down even for a minute at home? Try giving them a book or blank pieces of paper with colored pencils – ask them to draw you a picture while you take a time out.
  5. Exercise is Great Stress Relief - Involve your child in a daily exercise that you can both enjoy together. It can be a few yoga poses, a quick run or jog around the block, or a bike ride around the neighborhood. The physical activity can be a welcome release for both you and your child after a hot summer’s day.

Summer is also a great time to get your child ready for the next school year.  At Pheno Brain Training, we use a program to help children overcome any learning obstacles they may have.  Our program helps with academic, athletic and professional performance and provides parents with peace of mind.  From ADHD to dyslexia to Asperger’s, we work with all of our students to maximize their potential.  We are more than tutors, we are you and your child’s link to better learning. Contact us today to schedule an assessment.

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